Introducing the Speed Works Blog


Welcome to the Speed Works blog,

Speed Works is excited to announce the launch of our new blog where we aim to give you insight into our business in cycling.

Check this spot for your monthly dose of Speed Works news updates and cycling inspiration.


After having our first Team meeting at Speed Works HQ in the weekend we are very excited to announce we have entered 7 Speed Works Teams for the upcoming Teams Championship organised by Dynamo Events kicking off with the first event in October.

We have an Elite Development Team, Masters Team racing in Category 1, a Category 2 Team , three Category 3 Teams and a Womens Team.

Keep an eye out as we will be tracking their training progress over the next few months!

In the mean time we will be blogging about the latest European quality cycling gear and giving out cycling tips and advice.


Speed Works would love your feedback!

Let us know what you think and what topics you would like us to cover in our blog posts.


Talk soon and watch this space!




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