Ale PRR Krakatoa Women's Road Cycling Jersey
Product Description
Our most well-known jersey and vest, used by many professionals and amateurs in the world. Carbon fabrics and ergonomic fitting working together to achieve the “Pure Performance” garments, an inimitable blend of style and performance with the addition of the windfront membrane in the vest for wind protection.
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Alé is a brand which has been built on Italian craftsmanship, combining innovation with functional fabrics. Based in Verona, Italy, Alé is strengthened by their dedicated employees who share their passion for cycling.

Their belief in the importance of design is mirrored by recognising the importance of their clothing working with the rider, to aid in efficiency and performance. One of the highest priorities for Alé is how wind resistance affects performance; they want to ensure maximum comfort and minimum weight on long rides. For this reason, their product range has been developed and tested for aerodynamics in the company’s own research laboratory.

Alé are the technical sponsor of the professional teams; Bardiani CSF, Neri Sottoli Yellow Fluo, Bissel, SkyDive Dubai and Peperoncino Team (triathlon).