Product Description

The new PRR jersey distinguishes itself from the traditional lines for a vanguard in the use of innovative and technical fabrics to achieve a sophisticated and tailored garment. This jersey was created to be our modern jersey for the competitions and to have a small bulk, all the unnecessary creases and excess material were eliminated to achieve this result

The Alé PRR 2.0 Short Sleeve Jersey combines the latest technical fabrics and an ergonomic fit for a super lightweight, high performance jersey perfect for riders who like to push the pace.

Top Features of the Alé PRR 2.0 Short Sleeve Jersey

Ergonomic design engineered for motion
Rib knit elastic in the sleeves for a snug to the flesh fit improving aerodynamic performance
Evolved rear pocket location positioned on a longer tail for simplified access
Fabric construction offers the best possible breathability
Generous reflective piping in the rear promotes visibility
Designed and manufactured in Italy

Product Data

Fit: Performance
Road: Yes


Form follows function

The latest incarnation of the Alé PRR jersey combines a host of technical fabric innovations within a super lightweight jersey package, pared down to just the essentials, for an aggressive fit. It's an ideal jersey for those riders chasing small winning gains that can be the difference between a win and a loss.

This jersey truly reflects the ethos of form following function with an ergonomic design that is tailored to follow your body perfectly when you're in a low and aerodynamic position. In the pursuit of further aerodynamic gains the rib-knit elastic in the sleeves provides a fit that is flat and snug to the body - no excess material here to catch the wind.

For easy access to the rear pockets Alé have provided a longer tail allowing the pockets to be positioned just where you need them. Grabbing a gel or energy bar will now be quick and easy letting you maintain your optimum position on the bike while refuelling.

The fabrics used by Alé not only help maintain the close ergonomic fit of the jersey but also guarantee that moisture is quickly transported away from the skin, helping you maintain body temperature as you put in intense efforts. The choice of advanced fabrics optimises your comfort no matter how hard you ride.

RIB fabric

A knitted material selected for the back of the PRR 2.0 jersey for its mesh structure that adapts when closely fitted to a body in motion. A ribbed elastic structure makes it firm enough to support the back pockets.

PUNTINO fabric

A material chosen for the bright appearance and its fast wicking capacity. Its light weight makes it suitable for the front of the new PRR 2.0 jersey for a mix of technicality and contemporary styling.


Incredibly lightweight, this fabric is a polyester microfiber with a rib structure making it extremely elastic and therefore suitable for the sleeves of the new PRR 2.0 jersey, it’s also very quick drying.

PRR Technology

Alé’s 2015 PRR 2.0 collection is at the forefront of technical functionality, utilizing the latest fabrics and smartest, ergonomic construction for the best possible results on the bike - refined with 30 years of experience in the manufacture of high tech cycle garments.

Alé’s designers studied the typical bike positions of professional athletes to achieve garments designed for pure performance - designed for riders who demand the finest fitting garments available.

An obsessive attention to every minute detail of fabric and fit, comprehensive wind tunnel and real world tests ensured that the PRR collection comprises the finest performing products available to pros and amateurs. All this attention to details helps maximise the performance of professional and amateur athletes allowing you to push your performance to the limit.

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Alé is a brand which has been built on Italian craftsmanship, combining innovation with functional fabrics. Based in Verona, Italy, Alé is strengthened by their dedicated employees who share their passion for cycling.

Their belief in the importance of design is mirrored by recognising the importance of their clothing working with the rider, to aid in efficiency and performance. One of the highest priorities for Alé is how wind resistance affects performance; they want to ensure maximum comfort and minimum weight on long rides. For this reason, their product range has been developed and tested for aerodynamics in the company’s own research laboratory.

Alé are the technical sponsor of the professional teams; Bardiani CSF, Neri Sottoli Yellow Fluo, Bissel, SkyDive Dubai and Peperoncino Team (triathlon).