Product Description
With an incredible new, sleek paint job and color matched parts, the 2015 Fuji Track Elite Track Bike is ready for you to put it to the test. Track racing is a unique discipline in the world of cycling. In no other sport are bikes subjected to extreme stresses from both the rider and the shape of the racing surface itself, as they are on the track. So you need a track bike that can handle these forces, shrug them off, and propel you to the top of the podium every time. 

The Fuji Track Elite is a new standard in track bikes. Completely redesigned from the ground up, this is a bike made by people who understand that every second, every pedal rotation, and every flick of the handlebars, counts on the track. It's made from the same C10 ultra high-modulus carbon fiber found in the Grand Tour winning Altamira and SST road frames, but shaped into a unique aero tubing profile that helps you cut through the wind. The designers took a look at where the bike receives most of its stresses, from both the outrageously high wattage that most track racers produce, and the G force produced by the banks and turns of the tracks itself, and developed a tube layup that would reinforce these high stress areas. The result is a frame that is incredibly stiff, so that not a single watt or move of the bars is wasted.

The fork is full carbon fiber FC-330 carbon fiber monocoque with straight bladed arms and a beefy, oversized steerer tube. The fork features an aggressive track rake that gives it instantaneous, responsive handling that can make the difference between gold and silver. Like the frame, the fork is also designed for maximum rigidity.




XS/S (49cm), S (51cm), M (54cm), M/L (56cm), L (58cm), XL (61cm) 





Gloss Carbon w/ White and Red





C10 ultra high-modulus aero carbon tubing, integrated seat clamp, integrated head tube w/ 1 1/2" lower





C10 ultra high-modulus carbon aero stays w/ solid stainless steel dropouts





FC-330 Fuji Track carbon aero monocoque w/ 1 1/8" - 1 1/2" carbon steerer

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