Blackburn Frame Pump
Product Description

You know that one of our bugs, a bee that is almost perpetually in our bonnet is how full-size frame-fit pumps are disappearing from bikes. They are supremely useful and so very PRO. Yes, we know about all the shaped carbon tubesets out there, but trust us, more can fit pumps than you think. We think a common, if rarely voiced concern is an aesthetic one. People are reluctant to put a frame pump on their bike because the aluminum barrel is an unwelcome contrast. If that's your unstated concern, worry no more, Blackburn has made the Frame Pump CF just for you.

Yes, CF stands for Carbon Fiber. Yes, it is lighter than the aluminum one. Saves you 33g in the Large size. Yes, it is as sturdy. There's an aluminum tube inside the carbon fiber, so you should have no fear when sticking it in Dave Stoller's spokes. The barrel itself is a compromise between volume and effort, so anyone can use it to pump a tire to full pressure. A test 700x23 tire went to 120psi in 111 strokes with a medium pump. Max pressure is 160psi.

Many don't know how to use a frame pump. There's a spring inside the head end that you compress to fit it onto the frame. The two ends are deeply scalloped and oblong so as to cradle your frame tubes -- the oblong shape has become more pronounced to fit oval-shaped tubes. When you need to pump up your tire, you take the pump off the bike, unclip the handle, lock down the spring, push the head onto the valve, flip up the thumb-lock and have at it.

The pump ends have soft rubber on them so as to more gently cradle your frame without scratching the finish. There are rubberized grip zones on both handles. The head can be converted from Presta to Schrader and back. There is a lifetime warranty on the pump. There are four sizes; XS fits a space between 390-430mm, Small fits 430-470mm, Medium 470-510mm, and Large from 510-550.

The claimed weight of the Blackburn Frame Pump CF is 211g in Large.


  • Folding T-handle for comfort
  • Presta and Schrader compatible
  • Maximum pressure is a whopping 160psi

$25.00 $50.00 50.0% off